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Great Pyrenees and Newfoundlands

We love watching the puppies grow and start to get personalities. Today the Great Pyrenees are 18 Days old and the Newfoundlands are 5 days old.

Newfoundland puppies 2 days old

Its amazing how fast the puppies grow. Josie is becoming a great mother ensuring they are well taken care of. Continue to look at the site for more videos and photos throughout the week. Remember to look at the "Available Puppies" tab and scroll to the bottom of the page to click on each individual puppies page to see different views of them. Right now we are not taking deposits on them so they appear to be "out of stock" however they are not spoken for at this time. On Saturday 2December2017 we will open the puppies up to reservations and they will be available to make a deposit on.

Newfoundland newborn photos

We have taken the Newfoundland puppies photos and they really turned out well. Below are the face shots only and to see all angles please click "Available Puppies" and scroll down to the store. In the store your able to open each puppies individual page where additional photos are located. On Saturday 2December2017 we will open the store for the Newfoundlands and allow people to make deposits/reservations on individual puppies.

Seeing the world for the first time.

The Pyrenees puppies are starting to open their eyes and see the world (which at this point is their Sadie and their house) for the first time. They are really growing and Sadie is doing an excellent job of keeping them all fed and happy.

Newfoundland puppies have arrived!!!

After 7 hours of labor we are proud to announce that Josie gave birth to 1 female and 5 males. Of those we had 3 that took the nearly all black appearance like Champ and 3 that took the Landseer markings like Josie. All of them are beautiful and so full of energy. Below we have a short video after we got momma and the whelping area cleaned. Tomorrow we will work at getting more detailed photos of all the puppies and place them on the site. As with our Great Pyrenees litter, we will allow everyone to look at the puppies this first week and next Saturday (2December17) when they are 1 week old we will open the store to allow deposits and reservations to be made on individual puppies. For

About to POP!

Josie is getting bigger every day and her belly has started to drop in preparation for whelping. We have continued to check her temp but with no noticeable changes as of yet. Stay posted to see when she finally decides to give way to some beautiful pups.

Great Pyrenees 1 Week Old

Great Pyrenees puppies turn 1 week old and are really starting to grow. Each one is so beautiful and each has unique markings and features. To see different poses of each puppy click "Available Puppies Tab" and scroll to the bottom of the page. This is also where your able to put a deposit down on a puppy that you may choose. For weekly photos and weekly weights please click "Current Great Pyrenees Puppies" and chose the tab you would like to see.

Pyrenees Puppies sleeping in on the weekend

The puppies are growing so fast. Today (Saturday) the puppies decided to sleep in on their day off. Tomorrow we will have updated weekly photos taken and they will be added to "litter 2 photos".

A couple more days!

Josie is really coming along nicely in her pregnancy and getting within a week of her whelping date.

Great Pyrenees Newborn Pictures

We finally got the pictures you all have been waiting for. They are so cute and growing well. Sadie is a great mom and is so careful with her babies. As a reminder we will open the store on Saturday morning allowing families the opportunity to view additional photos of each puppy as well as the ability to make an online deposit through PayPal. Please look at our "Available Puppies" tab for more information and to view the store on Saturday 18November.

It's a Pile Up

The puppies made it through their first night with Sadie and all are doing great. It’s amazing to us how such a young puppy knows what to do right after coming into the world. They knew how to suck, crawl, what warmth is and how to play. We took this video of them playing “Puppy Pile” and show just how cute they are. This week we will be taking individual pictures of each puppy along with a 360 degree video of each one to show all their markings. Puppies will continue to grow this week and on Saturday we will open the site up to allow deposits/full payments for selected puppies. Reservation of the puppies is on a first come first serve basis. To select/reserve a puppy we require a depo

They are HERE!!!!!

The day finally came and I don't know who is more excited, us or Sadie. She started at 7:30 and didn't finish (we hope) until 4:45 this afternoon. It was a long day sitting in the nursery and Sadie is wore out and exhausted beyond belief. Our final count was 4 females and 7 males. We will continue to post photos and videos throughout the week and on Saturday we will have the site open to start reserving/paying in full for chosen puppies. We decided to wait till the pups were 1 week old for reservations so that families are able to better see what their new family member will look like and maybe see some of their personality.

She is about to POP!!

Poor Sadie is sooooo big and hasn't been sleeping very well as she has a hard time breathing and getting comfortable with all her puppies pushing and moving around all the time. She is getting really close and expect pups in the next 48 hours.

Anxiously awaiting for the arrival of Sadie’s puppies

Our sweet Sadie is getting really close to having her pups and we are patiently waiting.  We have began to check on her more through out the night and day.  The puppies are really moving and we can feel them more and more each day.  Happy awaiting puppies week!

The temp is starting to drop

We (Sadie mostly) are in the fine stretch of this race and with under a week left we are all getting excited for another wonderful batch of puppies. Sadie has an expected delivery date of 9-12November but depending upon when her body excepted the pregnancy it could be at any time. The past couple of days she has really gotten big and lately she has started to produce milk in anticipation of the puppies. She still has a couple of days left but depending upon how many puppies she has she could have puppies as early as 59 days. We started to take her temp as the temperature is a great indicator to when or how soon she may start to have labor. When the temp drops below 99 degrees the female

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