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Puppies find new families!

We are so fortunate that all of our sweet Newfoundlands and Great Pyrenees have found wonderful and caring new families. For those of you that might have missed the opportunity to adopt one of these puppies don't worry because we will be having litters in the future so stay tuned to our site to see updates of upcoming litters.

Newfoundland Puppies Turn 8 Weeks Old.

The pups are all grown up and will be going to their new families next weekend. This is such a sad and happy time for us as we know they all have great families to go home too. Male 3 is still looking for his new family and is such a sweet boy that will make some family so happy. For more pictures of this litter click, "Current Newfoundland Puppies"

Newfoundland Puppies Turn 7 weeks old

This week the pups again grew like weeds. It was nice this week on the farm and all the snow began to melt which of course means that they had to get wet and muddy. Today we gave the pups their first vaccinations and all took it very well. This coming week we are going to start separating mom from the babies during the day and then allow them to be together again in the evening. This will help her dry up as pain free as possible and allow the pups needed separation from mom.

Great Pyrenees turn 8 weeks old.

This is going to be our saddest and yet happiest upcoming week with the Great Pyrenees. Its getting to be that time when all the puppies have to leave our family and venture on to meet their new families. We have really grown attached to each and every one of these puppies and will be truly sad to see them move on. We are however very excited for our new puppy owners who we know will give each of these sweet puppies a great home for years to come.

Newfoundland Puppies turn 6 weeks old

WOW!! These little guys/gal are no longer little. This week they all gained so much weight and all of them really matured. This week with the warmer weather the puppies transitioned from going potty in their house to going outside like momma. This was a Huge thing for us as you can imagine how much mess they make with all that food they are eating now. More more information about this litter please click the "Current Newfoundlands" tab. To see which ones are still available for adoption please click "Available Puppies" tab and scroll to the bottom of the page. We also took individual videos of this litter so click "Videos" to see how cute they all are.

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