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Great Pyrenees turn 1 week old

They all have grown like weeds and whats better is they are starting to get black noses. As a reminder, on Sunday June 3rd at 8am the website will be open and families will be able to start placing deposits on their puppy. For more information on making a deposit follow this link:

Great Pyrenees Puppies 3 Days Old

The puppies are growing already and getting along great. All 10 of them are really learning to move around and they always know where Sadie is when they are ready for a snack.

Great Pyrenees Newborn Photo Shoot

We are proud to present our new litter of Great Pyrenees born 5/21/2018. We were so proud of Sadie who had 5 boys and 5 girls all healthy and wonderful. We will continue to update the website weekly with pictures, videos and weights of each puppy and when they are 2 weeks old we will start taking deposits on the puppies. For more information and to see additional photos of each puppy please go to "Available Puppies".

The day has finally come

Sadie finally started having pups this morning around 7am. So far she has been going strong for 11 hours and has had 5 boys and 4 girls.  Right now she is taking a break and feels to have 1 more if not 2 more remaining. We will let them have alone time with mom tonight and get some individual pictures of them tomorrow.

Just a few more days.

Sadie is getting closer every day and doing very well in this pregnancy. She got her belly shaved up and we have started taking her temperature to get a base line temp which for her is around 100 degrees. In a few days her temp will start to drop and when it falls below 99-98.5 we are with in 24 hours of birth. Her nursery is all set up and ready for the new litter and the weather couldn't be better.

We are expecting Newfoundland Puppies!!

We are expecting a litter from Jet and Josie around the 7th of July18. We will post updates with the pregnancy as well as pictures of the new litter when the whelping begins.

Newfoundland Pups getting so big.

We love to see picture of our puppies in their new homes and see how amazing they look. The puppies from Josie and Champ are just over 5 months old now and below we have some pictures of how they are progressing. Not all of these pictures are from 5 months but are fairly recent.

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