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Newfoundland puppies turn 3 weeks old

Its amazing how fast they grow and change as puppies. This week the puppies are 3 weeks old and have gone from crawling to walking. They are starting to learn to go to potty on puppy pads and take care of them selves more. Today we will start them on lapping up goats milk and in a few days introduce mushed puppy food in with the milk.

Newfoundland Puppies Turn 2 Weeks old

This week the puppies eyes opened and are continuing to open and the pups are seeing the world for the first time. They are really starting to scoot around and are starting to investigate there home now that they can see where they are going. For more information about this litter and to see which puppies are still available click: Available Newfoundlands.

Newfoundland Puppies 1 Week Old

The newfies made it through their first week of life and are doing great. We are very excited about this litter and are eager to see how each grows and matures in the weeks to come. To see more pictures of each puppy click: Available Newfoundlands and click on a puppy you would like to look at. To watch individual videos of just how sleepy these little guys are click: Newfoundland Videos.

Newfoundlands 6 days old

The puppies are really getting big and all have such a full and plump belly. Josie has been a great mother and the puppys are all progressing great. On Saturday 14 July the website will be open and deposits will be accepted. To view all the puppies click: "Available Newfoundlands"

Great Pyrenees turn 7 weeks

We truly love the pups at this age. They are all solid hunks of fur and muscle and have such a great drive to play and sleep. Today we gave the puppies their first 5-way vaccine and everyone did great.

Newfoundlands enter the world

Josie did great yesterday delivering 2 males and 6 females. All of the puppies are nearly solid black with white markings on the tips of toes, tip of the tail and some have white markings on the chest. For more individual pictures of the puppies with different angles to see the markings click: Available Newfoundlands Tab, and click on the puppy you would like to look at. When the puppies turn 1 week old (14th of July) deposits will be accepted for individual puppies utilizing this same page with PayPal.

Josie is having her babies!

Josie has been having pups since 09:30 and has had 8 beautiful puppies. She has 2 males and 6 females so far. It’s an exciting day at The Hergert Family Farm!

Great Pyrenees Turn 6 Weeks Old

The pups are doing great and are really learning to be self sufficient. This week we separated the pups from momma during the day allowing them to be with her at night. Starting today the pups will be separated completely.

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