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Newfoundland Puppies Turn 7 Weeks Old

This week the puppies went without their mom and did very well actually. I think that mom was already starting to wean them so it made the transition very smooth. The puppies also went on their first car ride to the vet and did very well with only a few getting car sick along the way. They also had a very good check up at the vet and the vet was very pleased to see them and see how well they looked and acted while at the doctor.

Newfoundland Puppies Turn 6 Weeks Old.

This was the last full week that the puppies were able to be with their mom. Today is a new day and these puppies are starting the process of weaning off of mom. We will allow them to see their mom in the afternoons for the next couple of days to help momma dry up without becoming overly engorged with milk. The puppies have now been eating whole puppy food and will continue to get goats milk this coming week however at the end of this week they will be weaned off all milk completely. They are really growing and gaining amazing personalities.

Newfoundland Puppies Turn 5 Weeks Old

The puppies continue to grown and mature into great looking pups. We are so excited for this litter and love to watch as they grow. They have really done well this week with learning to go outside to go to the bathroom and are having fewer and fewer accidents in their nursery. They absolutely love being outside with Josie and its so fun to watch them playing with each other. This will be the last full week with Momma as we will start to wean them next weekend.

Newfoundlands Turn 4 Weeks Old.

This week the puppies were introduced to goats milk and later to goats milk mixed with puppy food. They absolutely love it and their current weights show just how much they enjoyed it. Today we opened up their nursery to allow outside exploration with mom showing the pups to start going to the potty outside is better than in their house.

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