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Great Pyrenees Puppies Turn 2 Weeks Old

The puppies are doing very well and this week has been very exciting. As the puppies get older the pink markings(nose and toes) have slowly started to turn black. Also the puppies ears and eyes have started to open this week and its funny to listen to them use there voices now that they can hear. They also are really starting to move around and now that they can start to see objects they can see where they are going. Please check out our Facebook page to see individual videos of the puppies.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Turn 1 Week

The puppies are doing great and all of them have doubled in weight. They are fat and happy and its amazing to see how their noses and toes are starting to turn black. As a reminder we will start accepting deposits to reserve puppies on Sunday the 18th of November. I will open the website at 8am and will utilize PayPal. If you would like to reserve a puppy by another way(cashiers check) please give me a call on Sunday morning and we will hold the puppy until the funds make it by mail. To see the puppies available click on the "Available Great Pyrenees" tab.

A sad day :(

Nature isn't always fair or pleasant. This morning started out wonderful and all puppies were alive and happy however around 10:30 not long after we made our morning video of the puppies, we came to find our smallest Male 1 had passed away. When he was born he had a little extra birth sack on his face and although I was involved throughout the entire whelping process sometimes they get fluid into the lungs and no matter how well your able to remove the fluid it still can get into the lungs. After reviewing our camera footage or our nursery we were able to confirm that he was not smothered or taken by Momma but passed away on his own.

Great Pyrenees Newborn Photos

We finally have the puppies newborn photos up on the site! To see more photos of each angle of the puppies click: Available Great Pyrenees tab and click the puppy you would like to see more pictures of them. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful momma, Lady has done a wonderful job of taking care of her first litter and acts like she has done this before as she is a natural. All the puppies are doing great and have really done well in these first few days. As a reminder on Sunday 18 November we will open our website to start accepting deposits to reserve puppies.

We have puppies!

Today Lady gave birth to six wonderful males and five wonderful females. This weekend when more time permits we will update the site with individual photos showing off all their markings. On Sunday, November 18th we will open up the website to start accepting deposits to hold individual puppies. Please continue to watch our website as well as our facebook site for photos and updates.

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