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Newfoundland Puppies Turn 3 Weeks

The Newfoundland puppies are doing great and are almost 3 weeks old. They are really getting around great and all of them opened up their eyes this week. The last part of this week we introduced the puppies to milk and how to lap it up. We will continue with this in the coming week and slowly introduce some soft food into it as well. We still have 3 wonderful little girls searching for a forever home. Female 2, 4, and 6 are still available and to see more pictures click on Litter 3 Photos or to make a deposit click on Available Newfies and select the one your interested in.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Turn 5 Weeks

The Pyrenees are 5 weeks old now and are really coming along wonderfully. This week we transitioned them from milk and mush to solid puppy food and water. They are always full and have started to give Lady a break from all the nursing. We opened up there nursery and now they have the ability to go outside with Lady and learn to go potty outside as well as learn to be exposed to the different elements.

Newfoundland Puppies Turn 2 Weeks Old

The Newfoundland puppies are 2 weeks old tomorrow and are doing great. Hershey has done amazing as a first time momma keeping them all clean and fed. This week the pups will start to open their eyes and will start to walk around instead of crawl. Families will start selecting their pups this week making it a very exciting time for many new families.

Great Pyrenees Turn 4 Weeks Old

Its hard to believe that the Great Pyrenees pups are already 4 weeks old. They are doing so well. We started introducing milk this week and just a couple of days ago we added ground up puppy food into the mix making a puppy mush. They absolutely love this mix and will really start to gain weight in the weeks to come.

Newfoundlands Turn 1 Week Old.

The Newfoundlands are almost 1 week old (6days), doing great and are all growing at about the same rate right now. Hershey has really done well as a first time momma and has really come into her milk giving all the pups full bellies. To see individual face shots and additional photos of individuals on their own pages click on Available Newfies and look at their photos. We also have individual videos of each pup and those are under the Newf Litter 3 Videos tab.

Great Pyrenees Pups Turn 3 Weeks Old.

The pups are now 3 weeks old and have come so far this week. They don't even look like babies anymore as all of them have their eyes open and they all are walking around. We opened up their nursery to allow them more area to roam around and place newspaper down to start potty training them. Later this evening we will introduce them to milk replacer in a bowl and get them to work at lapping up milk. After they have a good understanding of how to lap up milk we will slowly work crushed up puppy food into the milk adding some substance to it.

Newfoundland Puppies are born!!

If you havent been following Hershey went into labor at 12:00am on Monday and didnt finish until Tuesday at 6:00pm. This however wasnt the end of it, after taking her to the vet to get an X-ray to verify she was done they found one more puppy inside her and it was so big that they had to assist in delivering it yesterday at 2:00pm. In total this first time momma had 16 puppies, of which 10 are alive and healthy. With having so many pups her body was not big enough to allow the proper room for all those little bodies and ended up with 5 that were still born and yesterday we had one pass due to extra fluid in the lungs from the birthing process. It has been a long couple of days and with a

Great Pyrenees Puppies turn 2 Weeks Old.

The pups turn 2 weeks old tomorrow but we have already done there photos for the week. They are doing great and a couple of them have their eyes open or are in the process. They have also started to stand up and sorta walk around. This next week the pups will really mature a lot and will all open their eyes and will all start to really get around on their feet. Starting next weekend when they are 3 we will start introducing them to soft food. To see the weekly photos, weights or to see which pups are still available click on Available GP Puppies

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