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Newfoundland Puppies Turn 8 Weeks

The pups continue to grow and mature. This week we introduced them to the "Kiddie Pool" which they naturally love on these hot days we have had. We also took the pups on their first ride in a vehicle as we took them all to the vet for their wellnes check up. All pups are extremely healthy and looking great. We have just one puppy left looking for a forever family. She is the orange girl female #4 and she is a very smart and eager to please puppy that will make a wonderful addition to a family. To see more on her click on Female #4

Newfoundland Puppies Turn 7 Weeks Old

This week the newfies turned into Newfoundland puppies and really changed in appearance. Faces filled out, bellies filled out, everything filled out and they are well on their way to being amazing dogs. We continued to expose the pups to crates, potty training which they havent had an accident in their nursery in over 2 weeks, and continued handling and kisses. This coming week the pups will take their first big adventure in a vehicle and take a trip into the city for a vet appointment.

Newfoundland Puppies Turn 6 Weeks Old

The pups are really doing well. We continued to work on getting used to the crates in their areas and have completely mastered eating and drinking. The weather is starting to get warmer and they are spending more time in their nursery with the A/C during the day and then when it cools off in the evenings they come back out and enjoy the outdoors. We still have 2 females looking for a family to call their own, #4 and #6. To see more about these sweet girls check out our link to their pages: Available Newfies

Newfoundland Puppies Turn 5 Weeks Old

The newfoundlands are 5 weeks old and are really coming along nicely. This week they graduated to solid food and have really started to get the hang of eating. We also introduced the puppies to puppy crates to get them used to the sights and sounds that the crate makes.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Turn 7 Weeks Old

Its hard to believe that these pups are already 7 weeks old. They are all doing great and each one has so much love to give. They are still with Lady and its nice to watch her guide them as the start to mature and develop. This week we introduce a couple of kennels into their outside area to help get them used to what they look like and the sounds that they make so that they are not afraid when they go to their new families next weekend.

Newfoundland Puppies Turn 4 Weeks Old

The newfies are now nearly 4 weeks old and doing great. This week we introduced milk and lapping as well as ground up puppy food. We opened up their nursery giving them more room and today we opened their main door so they can start to venture outside with Hershey. Next week we will continue to give them milk in the evenings and slowly transition them to whole puppy food.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Turn 6 Weeks Old

This week the puppies were able to venture outside with Lady. Its amazing how fast they learn to go potty outside and not in their house. They spend the majority of their time outside to include eating, sleeping and drinking water. They very rarely are found in their nursery. All of the pups are doing very very well and have turned into little butter balls so plump and fluffy.

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