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Great Pyrenees Puppies Turn 2 Weeks Old

The pups are now 2 weeks old and are growing so fast. This week they all opened their eyes and their ears are starting to open as well. On top of being able to see and hear they are now able to walk briefly instead of dragging/crawling around. Luna continues to be a wonderful momma to them and could not ask for any more out of her. She always has a clean nest and all the pups are equally as clean. That being said in the weeks to come these little guys will become to much for her as we start to introduce puppy mush food to them and introduce them to newspapers to go potty on.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Turn 1 Week Old

The pups are doing great and are really growing nicely. This week they went from being to small to have the collars on to being big enough now that we had to extending the collars to fit around their chunky necks:) Luna is doing an amazing job of raising these pups always ensuring they are fed and cleaned up at all times. She is starting to figure this mothering thing out and does'nt jump and check on the pups each time they make a noise. This week the pups will start to open their eyes and already have started to move around alot better and are'nt dragging themselves around. Continue to follow our facebook page: HergertFamilyFarm for daily videos and updates as the weeks go on.

Great Pyrenees Newborn Photos

We were able to get the newborn photos taken this morning and they did great. You will notice that they have painted tail tips which has been done to better identify all the pure white pups. We don't like to put collars on them at such a young age because the collars always seem to get wrapped up on them and seem to be very uncomfortable. Once they grow a little more we will get collars on them. To see pictures, weights and more info on this litter or get on the wait list please visit our other pages:

Great Pyrenees Puppies Have Arrived!!!

On Friday November 1st Luna gave birth to 8 wonderful puppies (6 males, 2 females). They are absolutely wonderful and all of them have 2 sets of double dew claws. This litter is full of pure white puppies with only one male showing the badger markings. The pups are doing great making it through their first night and first full day with lots of energy and lots of sleeping. Luna has done a wonderful job with her first litter. She is very attentive ensuring each one is cleaned up and feed always taking extra care when getting up and prior to laying down. Tomorrow we will get individual photos and weights of each puppy as well as continue to post the daily videos.

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