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Lady and Duke have a litter!

Lady did a great job and gave birth to 8 healthy and colorful pups. This is the first litter that we have seen the Anatolian Shepherd markings come out in the pups. Duke has around 25% or so Anatolian Shepherd in him and although he is pure white in color still carries all the markings. These guys should really mature nicely and we look forward to watching them grow these next few weeks.

Great Pyrenees Turn 6 Weeks Old

This week the pups continued to mature and grow. They really like staying up at night and help Luna bark and are very alert although during the day they tend to be on the lazy side which is more than perfect.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Turn 5 Weeks

The pups continue to grow and mature. This week they moved to solid dry puppy food and are drinking water from their water bowl. We no longer are giving them milk replacer and Luna also has started to wean them from nursing as well. We just got done moving the pups to a new nursery/kennel where they will have more room to grow and mature in the next few weeks.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Turn 4 Weeks Old

This was a very busy week for us and the pups. This week the pups learned how to lap up milk, how to eat with puppy food with the milk and then how to eat dry puppy food and drink water. These guys are growing nicely and maturing more and more each day. We are lucky that the weather has been so nice and have been exposing them daily to the great outdoors. This week we will continue to supplement with milk and have opened up more of the nursery for them to wonder around.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Turn 3 Weeks Old

The pups are doing great and are maturing very rapidly. This week all the eyes finished opening as well as their ears allowing them to really venture around and see/hear whats going on around them. We placed a radio in there nursery so that they can get used to human voices and experience some good music to calm them. On Thursday we introduced the pups to milk and how to start lapping up liquids and all did very well with a few really catching on quickly. This week we will slowly introduce puppy food into the milk and then move them on to ground up dry puppy food to eat from their self feeder.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Turn 2 Weeks Old

This week the puppies started to open their eyes as well a their ears. They dont crawl around as much as they used to and now have been able to stand up and walk around. At the end of this coming week we will start to introduce milk and watch as they learn to lap up liquid.

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