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Great Pyrenees turn 8 weeks old

The pups are doing great and are slowly starting to eat their dry puppy food. They are really getting vocal and playing very well with each other during the day. We opened up there nursery alowing them to follow Lady outside and learn how to go potty in the gravel as well as learn how to guard with Lady at night.

Great Pyrenees Puppies turn 3 weeks old

This week the pups figured out how to get off their big bellies and start walking around. They are very vocal and are starting to play with each other somewhat. Yesterday we opened up their area and now have access to really get out and walk around. Tonight we will introduce the pups to milk and see how well they can lap up liquid.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Turn 2 Weeks Old

This week the puppies said goodbye to there cousins from Luna and Floki. It was a sad weekend but was wonderful to meet and see the families that will get to enjoy those wonderful fur balls. The pups this week opened their eyes and ears and are really getting to take in all the sights and sounds as they continue to develop. They are starting to lift themselves up off their bellies and attempt to walk around some but are still a little wobbly. Towards the end of this coming week we will entroduce the pups to milk and learn how to lap up liquids and then we will add in crushed up puppy food to the milk and give them something to try and eat as well.

Great Pyrenees Turn 7 Weeks

This will be our last week with these amazing puppies. They have all matured and grown amazingly these past 7 weeks and cant wait to see updates from families as they continue to grow into adulthood.

Great Pyrenees Turn 1 week old

This week the pups from Lady and Duke grew like weeds. Lady is a wonderful mother and produces an amazing amount of milk for her babies. These pups have lots of wonderful markings and so much personality, as the days go on the darker pups have really started to lighten up. This coming week we will start to see their eyes open and later on they will start opening their ears.

A Sad Morning

Last night all the pups were doing great and full of life. This morning while doing chores and checking up on everyone we found that Female 3 from Lady's litter had died. After looking back at the camera recordings we found that around midnight Lady readjusted herself and ended up laying on top of the pup who had no way of getting out from underneath Lady and died. As a breeder its so very very hard to see this happen and although we can do everything in our power to try and prevent something like this from happening it sometimes still can happen.

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