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The temp is starting to drop

We (Sadie mostly) are in the fine stretch of this race and with under a week left we are all getting excited for another wonderful batch of puppies. Sadie has an expected delivery date of 9-12November but depending upon when her body excepted the pregnancy it could be at any time. The past couple of days she has really gotten big and lately she has started to produce milk in anticipation of the puppies. She still has a couple of days left but depending upon how many puppies she has she could have puppies as early as 59 days. We started to take her temp as the temperature is a great indicator to when or how soon she may start to have labor. When the temp drops below 99 degrees the female could start to have labor within 24-48 hours. Right now her temp is around 100.3 only dropping .1 degree in the last 24 hours so we still have a few days left. During these last few days we like to bring Sadie in the house more than normal and offer her treats. Last litter this was our best indicator that she was ready. We let her in just like any other morning and offered her a treat and she would not take it. She was breathing very heavy and pacing around. About 3 hours later she started to go into labor. So as long as she is willing to eat we are still in the clear. Keep checking into the site to see updates as we inch closer to whelping.

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