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Processing time

Today we started the process of cutting up the family steer that was butchered last week. Now we are not nor claim to be professional meat cutters producing each and every cut of meat that you might find in the store but we are able to process efficiently. We basically create two types of cuts, meat to be ground and steaks. On the back legs we like to pull most of our steaks as there are lots of great cuts to chose from. If the animal has been hanging(cooling) for at least a week the muscle fibers will start to contract and the membrane separating the muscle groups will harden. Its easy to find this membrane and just start pulling the two muscle groups apart, cutting when needed to help

Butchering the family steer

Today was a sad day for the wife. I killed her steer. This however was all planned and had a purpose. When taking on a project such as this its good to first know what your doing and second have your tools and items all prepared ready for the job at hand. Prior to the butcher I made sure that our walk in cooler was fully operational, the knives were sharpened, tractor was working as its still cold out, and my help was ready to assist in this project. Our animals are extremely friendly so we just got a bucket of grain and walked Riddler out of the corral to a dry and clean location for the butcher. At this point you need to make sure your able to complete the task at hand. We dumped th

Disbudding time

Well its that time again. The kids have full bellies and they are enjoying the warm weather that has moved in, what better time to disbud the kids. This is not a job for the weak. This takes two people to get a proper burn causing less injury to the kids, humans and ensure that the horn cells are killed to keep the horns from growing in. First we like to shave the hair off the horns. At this point the kids are just over a week old but age is not as important as is the size of the horns. The horns at this point are like a pimple, about half the size of a pea. We like to get the hair cut close so it gives a clear area to burn in the next step. The next step is to restrain the kids. We

Sadie and her goats

While the other two polar bears were out playing in the snow Sadie decided to check up on her goat kids.

Winter Wonderland

The past few days has been very trying on both man and beast here on the farm. The weather has dropped to a low of -25 and only really warmed to around 10. Today we finally got to almost 20 and the animals were full of energy. The white polar bears were right at home with the snow and cold and had there been a pond they would have been swimming.

It's too cold for you to kid!

Brrrrr it's cold!  For the last couple of days it's been fridgid cold with our temps reaching -30 yesterday morning and that's not including wind chill.  On January 5th when the temps were -20 our other mama goat decided to have her kids, at 4:00pm her first kid came into the world.  After an hour of on and off pushing and nothing happening we felt it was time to check her to see what might be the issue.  Upon checking her we discovered she had another kid inside and it was tail first and stuck, with a little help from us  she was able to push it out.  Thinking she was done, she began to push again and the third one was tail first and we helped yet again.    All kids are doing great! Happy k

Things aren't always perfect

New Year's Day we were blessed with triplet kids and little did we know we would be bottle feeding these beautiful babies. Oreo one of our mama goats is down in the funk and isn't producing milk. We are hopeful that with a little time and lots of love she will get out of her funk and be back to normal. The triplets continue to be with the herd and their mama because despite moms ability to feed them they are still part of the herd and need her to learn how to be goats. We have enlisted the help of our dear sweet milk cow Betsy to give the babies her extra milk in order to help keep them healthy and strong. The kids are doing great and getting lots of milk and lots of extra attention.

New Years Suprise

Today we went out to milk Betsy our milk cow at 4am and was welcomed by a familiar sound. No it wasn't the sound of a calf, or a rooster or a dog barking, it was the sound of a newly born goat kid. Upon further examination we found not one but three kids in the goat pen. These babies were not expected and were planning on her kidding in a couple of weeks.

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