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Disbudding time

Well its that time again. The kids have full bellies and they are enjoying the warm weather that has moved in, what better time to disbud the kids. This is not a job for the weak. This takes two people to get a proper burn causing less injury to the kids, humans and ensure that the horn cells are killed to keep the horns from growing in.

First we like to shave the hair off the horns. At this point the kids are just over a week old but age is not as important as is the size of the horns. The horns at this point are like a pimple, about half the size of a pea. We like to get the hair cut close so it gives a clear area to burn in the next step. The next step is to restrain the kids. We just put the kids into a pillow case and have one person restrain the body while the person burning controls the head. It is important to ensure that the head and body dont move around and delay the burn or cause injury to both kid and human. I like to do a pre burn to each horn. I just hold it enough to hive a good target for the full burn. Now I wait for the iron to get fully charged and hold the iron to the horn with a firm constant hold for around 5 to 7 seconds. Pull the iron off to see how it turned out and if the circle isnt complete follow up in the section needing further attention. In the center of the burnt circle I like to take the tip of the iron and burn for a few seconds to complete the disbudding. The kids dont like this chore at all, they fight and cry and there is burnt smell in the air. NOT FUN but it just moments after they are let go they are happy and running around again.

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