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Great Pyrenees Have Been Selected

Puppies have been selected by their new families!!! Everyone is very excited and Im sure they are all counting down the days until they can bring their new family member home in a couple of weeks. To see the remaining puppies available please click on Available Great Pyrenees. If you would like to place a deposit on the remaining 2 puppies please contact us or follow the instructions on the website.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Turn 1 Week Old

The pups are now 1 week old and are doing amazing. Everyone gained a great amount of weight with most doubling their weight this week. This week the puppies owners on the wait list will start making their selections and this will be a very exciting time for the new families as well as us. To see individual videos of the pups click GP Litter 5 Videos. To see weekly photos click GP Litter 5 Photos.

Nature can be cruel

Last night around midnight Male 5 passed away. We reviewed the video and are curtain that Lady did not crush or smother him. He was doing great and was walking around and then he walked away from the rest of the litter that was nursing and just passed away. When he was born we had some complications with him and as much as you try sometimes the pups still end up with fluid in their lungs. He managed to get a lot in his lungs as he was born outside when we let Lady out just briefly to go to the bathroom. Even though we were out side with her, as she squatted to pee she gave birth to him. We worked on him for quite a while to clear his lungs of the fluid and for nearly 3 days he appeared

Great Pyrenees Puppies are here!!!

After 9 weeks of waiting Lady went into labor on Easter Sunday and gave us 7 wonderful males and 1 beautiful female. Poor little male 6 was a true Easter egg as he was sorta dyed green from the birthing fluids when he was born. We gave him a vigorous washing and came to the conclusion that time will eventually get his fur back to white. This litter has a current wait list with currently 3 males spoken for and the one and only female spoken for as well. Next Sunday we will start contacting our 1st choice families to see what puppy they would like to select and so on and so forth until all deposit are filled. To see more pictures of this litter follow this link and click on the different

2 more weeks until puppies

Lady has done amazing so far and although its not that warm outside she thinks she is melting. She has a belly full of babies and you can almost feel them starting to move and in the next weeks we will really get to feel the babies as they move around for position. We have her nursery all made up and she has really enjoyed her time alone in these last few weeks. Continue to watch for updates as she progresses in her pregnancy.

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