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Nature can be cruel

Last night around midnight Male 5 passed away. We reviewed the video and are curtain that Lady did not crush or smother him. He was doing great and was walking around and then he walked away from the rest of the litter that was nursing and just passed away. When he was born we had some complications with him and as much as you try sometimes the pups still end up with fluid in their lungs. He managed to get a lot in his lungs as he was born outside when we let Lady out just briefly to go to the bathroom. Even though we were out side with her, as she squatted to pee she gave birth to him. We worked on him for quite a while to clear his lungs of the fluid and for nearly 3 days he appeared wonderful. He was gaining weight, he was very strong and active and never showed any signs of wheezing or coughing. As breeders and lovers of animals we hate to see when animals die prematurely but know that nature is ultimately the determining factor.

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