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Updates from the pups forever homes

Stella's forever home says " Stella has mastered the leash training, knows how to sit, lay down command, high five, and shake. She checks her chickens about three times a day on her own. She loves sleeping in the house during the day and prefers to be outside at night. She is 37lbs at 12 weeks and her family feels blessed to have her in their lives."

Bella's forever home sent us this picture a week ago and said " Bella is doing great! She likes to ride and she loads herself in their granddaughters cart. She is so sweet and they are really enjoying her."

Yeti's forever home is just down the road from our farm, so we get to see him whenever we want. His forever home says " Yeti is so friendly! Yeti loves to go help with farm chores, comes when he is called, and loves his sister Roper. Yeti's favorite spot to sleep is under the couch."

Gus's forever home has this to say " Gus is doing great and love his big brother Bruiser. Gus does not like the heat, spends most his time in the house on the vent. They love the way he talks." The picture below was sent to us a week ago.

We were told Gus had an ear infection when he went to the vet, which is common in the big breeds due to ears getting wet while drinking. We hope his ear infection heals quickly.


We do not have an updated picture of Odin but here is what his forever home has to say about him. "Odin is doing great! He spends most of his day playing with our older heeler pup and getting to know his new home, just kinda letting him be a pup. He does great around all our critters and is very respectful of everyone. He does really well to stay near the house unless we're with him and walking fence. Couldn't be happier with him, he's really intelligent. You guys bred some great puppies.

Hope you and the missus are well."


We do no have an updated picture of Delilah as well but her forever home says she is doing great!

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