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Great loss on the farm

Our family is truly heart broken as we lost one of our most amazing guardian dogs. Dally Ally went above and beyond the name guardian dog. She was truly loyal to her humans and extremely proud In Protecting everything on the farm. We will miss her greeting us with a smile every morning when We open the door to go do farm chores. We will miss her protective bark as she ran off coyotes. Her favorite human will miss brushing her, teaching her to shake, taking her on walks, lying her head on her to just have the comfort of her and everything else. She was her favorite humans best friend and comfort. Her neighbor farmers will miss her coming over and helping them change water and just having her there to check on them. Dally Ally you weren’t just a dog or a mans best friend you were family, though your life was short you were the best fur baby a family could ask for and have. Rest In Peace my dear sweet Dally Ally! I love you Dally Ally!   

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