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Newfoundland puppies have arrived!!!

After 7 hours of labor we are proud to announce that Josie gave birth to 1 female and 5 males. Of those we had 3 that took the nearly all black appearance like Champ and 3 that took the Landseer markings like Josie. All of them are beautiful and so full of energy. Below we have a short video after we got momma and the whelping area cleaned. Tomorrow we will work at getting more detailed photos of all the puppies and place them on the site. As with our Great Pyrenees litter, we will allow everyone to look at the puppies this first week and next Saturday (2December17) when they are 1 week old we will open the store to allow deposits and reservations to be made on individual puppies. For more pictures and additional litter information please click "Current Newfoundland Litter".

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