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Newfoundland Puppies are born!!

If you havent been following Hershey went into labor at 12:00am on Monday and didnt finish until Tuesday at 6:00pm. This however wasnt the end of it, after taking her to the vet to get an X-ray to verify she was done they found one more puppy inside her and it was so big that they had to assist in delivering it yesterday at 2:00pm. In total this first time momma had 16 puppies, of which 10 are alive and healthy. With having so many pups her body was not big enough to allow the proper room for all those little bodies and ended up with 5 that were still born and yesterday we had one pass due to extra fluid in the lungs from the birthing process. It has been a long couple of days and with all the difficulties Hershey has been very strong and is becoming an excellent momma. Please take a moment to look at the puppies pictures and continue to follow our daily videos and weekly photo shoots.

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