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Mother Nature Knows Best

Mother Nature knows best and will always be the determining factor with breeding. We were expecting a wonderful litter of Great Pyrenees puppies from Badger and Luna to be born around the end of January. After weeks of waiting and not really seeing much gain or growth we at first just assumed that she was fertilized at the end of her cycle instead of the first ties with Badger. So we waited another week and still her little belly never grew. As it turns out and we later determined after lots of reading and communications with fellow breeders that Luna had an irregular heat cycle; a shortend inter ester-estrous interval. This means that there wasn't enough time between her two heat cycles and didn't allow her uterus lining the time to recover making it unable for embryos to attach and later become pregnant. Although we are sad and very much looking forward to another wonderful litter we also need to be respectful of Luna and her body. We can ensure that all the condition are perfect and afford all the best practices but in the end Mother Nature knows whats best for the Momma and her litter.

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